Mom Wisdom Intro

“My mother can be as scary as a spider and as beautiful as a butterfly.”

I might be paraphrasing a slight bit, but these are the words that won me 2nd place in a writing competition when I was in elementary school. I don’t recall exactly how old I was, but I do remember hearing my essay read over the speakers and some Adult chuckling as she said that line out loud.

Over the years, my relationship with my mother has grown and matured and I hope that she feels that I have grown and matured, too. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that at some point in our lives as kids we wished a bitter curse on our parents and that we had never been born to them. Yet the next day they go on loving us the way they do and we forget why we slammed the doors and cried ourselves to sleep in the first place. Sure, it is sugarcoated to say it as simply as that, but in the end, I can only be thankful that my parents are mine. Or rather, I was given to and had the blessing to be raised by them.

Now, I have a dad who is wise and knows everything about Earth and space to infinity and beyond. And I wish I could take all his quotes that have influenced me and put them in a whole big book that would be a wild best seller. And maybe I will do that (Biographer Becky has a good ring to it) but let’s take baby steps and begin with Mom Wisdom here on the Sincerely Becky blog.

I’m including special blog posts by my mom (translated by me) because she has a unique insight on Korean beauty, skincare, style, and gives cruelly accurate reviews about all kinds of products; who has time to waste their time and money on something that won’t work well? So keep up with the Mom Wisdom section of my blog to hear her input.