About Becky


I’m Becky.


I am a half-Korean, half-American fashion model and radio DJ currently working in Seoul, Korea.


Originally, I came to Korea with the intent to work for two years while networking with organizations that helped North Korean refugees, and then return to the states and apply for a job with the United Nations, but a love of the arts couldn’t be shaken. Actually, I had spent my whole life until university singing, performing, emceeing, acting, and dreaming of becoming a singer on Broadway, so when I went to university, it was to the surprise of every single person who had known me up to that point that I decided to study nursing (the intent was to live in third world countries and provide medical care), then tried to dabble in psychology (after chemistry proved to defeat me), and switched finally to International Community Development and pre-law/writing, the degree with which I eventually graduated.


So, thus armed with a zeal to change the world, I came to Korea, but found myself becoming lonely and colorless, and decided I needed to do something about that. I figured if I was going to get back into the arts and entertainment business, I was going to do it with the best or not at all. So I quit my simple English teaching job I had taken on for financial purposes while I studied Chinese, Korean, and tried to network, and moved from my tiny one room in Suwon to a flimsy, cheap rooftop room in Seoul. The story becomes quite long, so to make things sweet and short, I spent a good three years of struggle training at the top model academy in Korea, failing auditions, facing rejections, working myself to the bone for days, nights, and weekends, crying in the bathroom every lunch break for a year, learning what it means to really hate a person and how to forgive, losing myself, finding myself, and finally, reaching the point where I can look at myself and say I’m proud of who I have become.


So what’s the purpose of this blog?

On one hand, it’s to share the things I find beautiful and inspiring. The photoshoots and look books I dream up and create in collaboration with photographers I have befriended. The cafes where I found solace and inspiration. My travels around the world and the amazing things I have been blessed to witness with my own eyes. My own stories and philosophical wonderings that I jot down from time to time. 


If I’m to put all that into just a few words, what I would like to say comes down to this –

I hope this is a safe place for you to explore,

to get inspiration,


and a fresh breath of air.