The Carpenter’s Daughter 목수의 딸

Magic can be found in stolen moments and coffee cups

I come to this cafe maybe the most out of all that I explore.

It was a somewhat fortuitous discovery. My friend was working there as a part-timer late at night, and so I decided to pop in and say hello. It now has ended up that I visit the Carpenter’s Daughter Cafe at least twice a week and my friend works there no longer.

The owner is laid-back and friendly. He helps run another cafe by the same name just a little ways up the road. It’s a family business. The second location, however, is my frequent haunt. It’s spacious and cozy, with a whole wall of windows that open up in the evening, dangling lights and warm music pouring from the speakers. It’s the music (as nearly always) that caught me first; the owner has a rather eclectic taste and plays all the songs I like. My first day there, he noticed me singing along to everything; you know this one? He asked. And this one?

Now he lets me bring my own playlists. My personal mix can be heard there on some evenings. Sometimes, the owner even plays my own songs – ones I recorded and he found on my youtube channel. He says he loves my voice.

There is a little corner with two sets of couches and a low table; this is a great spot for having casual to semi-formal meetings.

The cafe is also perfect for hosting small to medium-sized parties; I have thrown a few there myself. Let me know if you’re looking for a cocktail or birthday party venue – I’ll hook you up.

During the daytime, my go-to drink is the lemon tea. In the evening, it’s a glass of white wine. They serve everything from drip coffee to various beers.

I’m not entirely sure what it is that made me stay; the good music, the friendly owner, the generous hours… Now it’s too late to distinguish the basic facts of the cafe from my own biased sentiments after so many good times there. Allow me to just say; come with me some time, and you may very well end up feeling the same way.

My guest for this Cafe Hunt was music producer and youtuber Cedric. He’s also half-Korean. He really is as kind as he looks. These photos are some of my favorites as of late; however did photographer Alex capture just that quiet magic?

Come by some time. Mention my name to the owner of Carpenter’s Daughter and he will treat you extra well 🙂

Hours: M through Sun 9:30 am to 2:00 am (subject to change depending on owner’s schedule)
Location: Mapo-gu Wausan-ro 37 gil 11, 2F  / 서울 마포구 와우산로37길11 2층
Plastic Free

If you do stop by, please take a photo and tag me on instagram @sincerelybeckyw
It’s always good to see another Cafe Hunter on the prowl

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