Cafe Village

“It is good people who make good places.”

My cafe hunts take me to all kinds of places. The cold, concrete walls of old factories transformed into coffee shops or cozy, tiny places full of cushions and trinkets, serving memories along with their cups of espresso. So far, I’ve liked them all, but the places I’ve gone beyond liking to feeling at home are those places where the owner is part of the experience.

Cafe Village is somewhat like walking into someone’s living room and having a cup of tea before going on with your day. The bar is open and expansive, and the owner chats with you while she steams the milk. There is one, modern record player that gently emits warm music. When I visited, classic big band was playing. There is a big window that opens part way, letting in the light. You can hear the sounds of neighbors walking past as they go to and from home.

Cafe Village is located in a residential area in Hannam. It’s not easily visible from any major roads. It really is a cafe just for the neighbors. Your friendly cafe for the village.

There is a kettle that sits on top of a heater in the middle of floor; be sure not to trip over it as you make your way to your seat in the back of the room. Tangerines sit in a blue porcelain bowl and Frida Kahlo de Rivera gazes sternly at you from her painting. It’s a strange mixture that works well. Cafe Village has some distinctly English vibes; a bit out of place in the Hannam neighborhood. But like I said; it works.

I talked briefly with the owner as I snapped some photos. She was originally a baker, but now transformed the place into a cafe rather than a bakery. It has only been open for a few months as of December, 2018. She is still working on the breads and cakes; soon they will be offered with the menu. English style tea, nice liquors, Shakespeare references, good music, and most importantly of all, a kind owner. Come to Cafe Village and become her neighbor.

There’s no parking. There’s no fancy signs. There’s no indication that this is anything special. And that’s what makes it just so.

Location: Hannam-dong 790-8
Hours: Flexible – it’s very homestyle, so stay up-to-date with their instagram for more regular updates. For now, it’s daily 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Plastic Free

Have a cuppa and snap a photo; be sure to tag me @sincererelybeckyw if you do.

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