Saint Ives

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.


There are some things that remain timeless. Audrey Hepburn’s perfect eyebrows and doe eyes. Handwritten letters in cursive ink. Family photographs.

The classics of white and a clean look will never fade. I like to think a fresh, pure beautiful interior will always be charming, no matter how much time passes.

Saint Ives Cafe creates that minimal and airy atmosphere with their sleek decor. The black bar with individual stools lined up beside it, waiting for a single guest to take a seat where he can watch the barista make his coffee for him. The white loveseats beside the windows, where couples can sit together comfortably. The teal coffee cups, neat white tables, and expansive windows. No nook feels too small, no table is overlarge. Everything fits in like neat puzzle pieces in their correct place


Being located on the second floor, Saint Ives grants you a view I like to call “cat-like.” I felt as though I were perched by the window, gazing outside and watching the birds and people go by. The cafe is situated in a part of Hapjeong that is half neighborhood, half cafe and restaurant street. Seated beside the window, I watched as elderly couples strolled leisurely by and smiled as a group of high school girls raced past on the street below. Though I can see them laughing, the voices do not reach the cafe. It remains quiet as ever, with music playing warmly in the air.

I explore cafes nearly everyday. I see so many – those with rustic, wooden interior. Those with cold, concrete walls refurbished to be a bit more homey. I see cafes with the tiny, china cups and cute decorations lining the walls in haphazard fashion. But the cafes I think I love best are the minimal ones, the fresh ones, the places where I can come and simply take a breath of air without any additional clutter. There is always a type of cafe to suit your particular mood. Yet, I remain certain that the classic, clean look will always be timeless and always suitable.


There’s no doubt the cafe is extremely photogenic. The natural lighting and white backgrounds makes a nice impromptu studio. I will say, come armed with your camera. However, I would be misleading you if I said to expect only a nice interior design. The views and atmosphere are simply additions to the coffee. Saint Ives is a specialty coffee roaster and takes great pride in how they make their coffee. I sipped my own latte with distinct satisfaction.

It’s a great cafe to visit in the morning, where you may enjoy the sunlight and relax with a friend or two. The atmosphere is peaceful, fresh, and bright.

I hope to see Saint Ives years from now; already I know, the classic beauty of it will remain the same even then.

It’s a great cafe for coming in the morning, enjoying the sunlight and relaxing with a friend or two. The atmosphere is relaxed, fresh, and bright. I like it so much, in fact, I am including this cafe to my list of Top Best 5 Cafes for a First Date (stay tuned for this post coming up.)


Regardless, if you’re coming with friends, a date, or even just by yourself, come and snap some photos. Join the Cafe Hunt and tag me @sincerelybeckyw on instagram if you do – I’d love to see how you enjoy your cafe hunts as well. 

Location: Dokmak-ro 5 gil 23, 2nd F (near Hapjeong St)

Hours: M-Sat 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Plastic Free : Except for the coffee in little plastic bottles for takeout / gifts



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