All those places we wish we could have seen.

The trend of transforming unfriendly concrete spaces into cafes is taken to a new level at 4F. If you’re not looking, you’ll never find it. This cafe is hidden among Bangsan Market, tucked away in the smallest alley. The building used to be a printing press, and they still have the original machinery on the first floor. There are three floors of concrete, minimal interior, sparsely decorated, hip and clean cut.

I am endlessly amazed at the human ability to turn an unfriendly place into a home. Among the waves of factory workers carrying stacks of wood, dragging concrete blocks and heavy, dusty bags, 4F solemnly keeps its place as a clean oasis. Except that rather than coming for water, come for the well made coffee.

If you’re not feeling espresso as you wipe the sweat from your brow after of a good hard day’s work, perhaps I can entice you with a cool passionfruit tea? 4F makes a very nice one.

If you do manage to wend your way through the noisy, factory-filled alleys of Bansan Market and land at the front step of 4F, take your time to explore all floors. And as always, tag me on instagram and #CafeHunter to show me how you spent your time here 🙂

Location: 26-1, Euljiro 35 gil, Jung-gu
Hours: M through Sat / 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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