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So many textures and designs in one cafe. Colors, shapes, materials, and arrangement are all the small things that come together to make a beautiful cafe interior. I always have an eye out for how cafes design their interiors. After all, it isn’t just all cozy chairs and good coffee that make a nice cafe. All the little details that pull together create a general space into something like home. Cafes are but homes away from home. And that phrase couldn’t be truer for 100 Year Cafe.

House turned cafe, it feels like a place that has existed for ages, 100 Year Cafe named themselves well 💯 Old fashioned touches and vintage items from the original home make up the cafe interior. Pause time for just one cup and join me for some cozy conversation ~ what should you and I chat about? Let me know ☕

Location : 198-14 Donggyo-dong Mapo-gu
Hours : M through F 10:30am – 11:30pm / Sat 10:30am – Midnight

Photo Credit to my friend from France, the very talented Meryl  

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