Cafe 413 Project

You are strong enough to handle it.
You are wise enough to listen first.
You are kind enough to forgive.
You are smart enough to stop and think.
You are enough


There appears to be a trend of concrete, brick, and dark wood among cafes in Seoul. I’ve been chancing across a few with similar vibes. But something about Cafe413 Project felt a little different. It may have been the high ceilings. Maybe the drips and drops of greenery here and there. Or just the nice music they play. Whatever that undefinable something is, it’s what makes a cafe turn into a space for drinking coffee into a coffee making space for dreamers, lovers, and thinkers.

Location: 9-11 Nonhyeon-ro 97-gil, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong

Hours: T through Sun 10:30 am – 10:00 pm / Closed on Mon

Author: Sincerely Becky

A girl with too many interests and only 24 hours a day Peek into the life of a Seoulite

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