Alocasia Cafe

There is some intrinsic love between the writer and the coffee shop ☕

A dream of a cafe.
Two floors of stone, wood, and flowers.
Welcome to Alocasia Cafe, located in Sinsa. The owner is so sweet ~ you can see her loveliness all over the cafe decor 🌸
신사에 위치하는 꽃카페 @alocasiaflowercafe❤ 아름다운 인테리어와 따뜻한 분위기 있는 카페이에요 ~ 한 잔 하러 오세요 ☕

I’ve come to this cafe a couple times and every time I step through those yellow front doors, I feel welcome. There are two floors, plus a veranda, plenty of outdoor seating and plenty of sunlight. Each drink and appetizer is a small work of art – it’s clear they care about their cups of coffee.

Location : Gangnam-gu, Apgujeon-ro 4 gil, 14-14

Hours: From what I recall, it opens at 10 am. As for closing hours, I’ll need to ask the owner and get back to you 😉

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