Cong Caphe

Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with


Currently the hot cafe in #Yeonnamdong ~ Vietnamese coffeeshop @congcaphe_kr opened their first international branch in Korea. Retro and green, all furniture and decor are imported from Vietnam. Come and try their Coconut Condensed Milk Coffee ☕All authentic flavors from the original cafe.


It opens at 11 am, but even before that there are people lining up! So either come really early or wait until the excitement dies down 😁 But it is definitely worth a visit!
최근에 핫한 카페 @congcaphe_kr ! #베트남에서유명한 카페가 첫 국제 점을 연남동에서 오프닝 했습니다! 인테리어는 레트로 스타일로 되있으며 모든 가구와 장식들은 베트남에서 가져온 거에요~ 코코넛 연유 밀크 커피를 추천합니다 ☕


Location : yeonnamdong 223-114
위치: 연남동 223-114

Hours: M through Sun 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
운영시간: 월 – 일 오전 11시00 – 오후 11시00


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