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I live in Seoul.

Seoul is fast-paced, full of people, restless, and awake at all hours. Boozy neon-lights stacked over each other and criss-crossed tangles of wires overhead emphasize how quickly this city has grown in such a short amount of time. I live in Seoul, where sleek cars driven by men in suits sit in traffic side by side with old style trucks driven by men with a cigarette dangling from their lips. I live in Seoul, all consumed by the noise and lights, keenly aware of the rapid changes in technology and city-scape.

In the middle of this concrete jungle, I found a garden.

Please meet Susu Garden Cafe.

The place is connected with a flower shop, glass full of water and multi-colored flowers of all kinds. You can buy bouquets or individual flowers, all fresh, all cared for, and all so lovely. There are vines crawling up the walls and trees places around the marbled tables create a feeling like you dropped into a cafe in the middle of the forest. Perhaps it’s the cool lighting or the many plants all around that makes the air seem fresher.


It’s thanks to Tey here (in the picture above) that I was able to discover this cafe. She loves places with plants like this, and after seeing a photo of Susu Garden Cafe, she insisted we come visit.

Located on the 4th floor of Jamsil Lotte Mall, it feels out of place next to the clothing stores and blatant materialism I’ve become accustomed to in Seoul. But come visit if you need a breather like I did. teywalk2spread2leafcakecoffe1


Come and buy some flowers.

Come and sit at the wooden table and share a slice of red velvet cake.

Come and rest.

If you do, snap a photo and tag me @sincerelybeckyw and #CafeHunter 🙂 I’d love to see how you spent your cafe time at Susu Garden Cafe. 


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