Ban Bossy Boutique


It was a rather gloomy evening.

I was expecting to visit a certain cafe for a Cafe Hunting shoot but when I arrived there, to my chagrin it was closed. What to do? I thought, and messaged my photographer (the talented Jay) who immediately sent me a nice selection of cafes to check out instead.

It had started to drizzle and my shoes were dampening, along with my motivation. Thank goodness for Jay’s promptness, because our second option cafe turned into the best choice we could have made that evening.

Welcome to Ban Bossy Boutique.


A cafe tucked a bit out of site along an alley, it can be easily overlooked if you’re searching for it specifically. The whole cafe seems to be made of windows, and I imagine if I had come during the daytime, it would have been flooded with light. But as it were, the nighttime along with the drizzle outside made a very nice atmosphere, especially since I was the only one in the cafe. For half a moment, I thought it was actually closed, and I wandered between the marbled tables until the owner stepped out from the backroom.

There are beautifully decorated cupcakes to choose from (by picture only! The cakes themselves are not on display) and the menu is only at the counter. It was quiet, dimly lit, the night time so apparent through the many, oversized windows. The tables felt not empty of people, but rather as though they too were resting that evening.

I was glad nobody else was there. It was still inside, except for me and Jay. Even the owner sat in the backroom, reading a book or magazine, leaving us to peaceably enjoy our time there.






Here’s the address: 19-22 Wausan-ro 17-gil, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

It’s easiest found from Hongdae St. Exit 9

Enjoy your cupcake there! Snap a photo and let me know what you thought by tagging me on instagram @sincerelybeckyw



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