Style Nanda Hotel – Myeongdong


This little post is about a location I scouted here in Seoul that reminded me so much of The Grand Budapest Hotel (which, if you need a rabbit trail to run down today, has a nice spinoff instagram account on its idiosyncratic style).

The place I am speaking of is none other than Style Nanda Hotel in Myeongdong. Pink walls, bathtub full of flower petals, a pool and cafe indicated by neon lights and artwork of synchronized swimmers. The whole place is actually a store and has some nice pieces; but you can be sure the store designer outdid him or herself when customers are more interested in the architecture and decorations than the actual clothing.



I took my photographer Jay (check his sweet website here and insta here) for some guerilla shooting but we needn’t have bothered; the clerks were so accustomed to people taking pictures they practically rolled their eyes at the sight of yet another model and camera man.

There is another location in Hongdae, but it is far less aesthetically interesting and more clothes-related. Go there is you are avoiding distractions and just want to shop – but Style Nanda Hotel in Myeongdong is worth a visit; as of yet, a nice oddity among the typical Korean style shop.

Each floor is recreated into a different style. A laundromat. A swimming pool. A cafe. The world’s prettiest bedroom complete with vanity mirrors. I imagine the clothing and makeup they sell here is worth checking out; remind me to look at them next time I come! ( I was too distracted by the interior design…)  bathtubALONEedit


Check it out for some insta-worthy photos 😉 Tag me @sincerelybeckyw if you do go, and let me know how your stay was at the Style Nanda Hotel.


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